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The Green Clinic was founded in 2011 and assesses patients across Canada for their eligibility into Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) program.

The ACMPR provides a legal framework for patients to legally use marihuana for beneficial relief of various symptoms. Our physician’s role is to assess patient eligibility through chart review and/or discussions with the patients’ primary care physician or specialist(s). When deemed eligible, an appointment is scheduled for either an on-site consultation or a tele-medicine appointment through VSee. Tele-medicine consultations accommodate patients that cannot travel to our clinic due to illness or distance. Tele-Medicine allows patients across the country to benefit from our services that are otherwise unavailable. In either case, the physician will complete the required medical document authorizing the patient to use cannabis as medicine.

Following the patient/physician consultation, the patient will work with one of the clinic’s medical office assistants to decide on the licensed commercial producer that best suits their requirements. Strains will be recommended as per the physicians chart notes and past patient experiences.

Please note the clinic does not provide medication, as we are not a compassion club or a dispensary. The only legal source of medication for patients is to access their medical marihuana from one of Health Canada’s licensed commercial producers. For a complete list of producers or more information regarding the Health Canada ACMPR program, please visit MedicalMarijuana.ca.

The Green Clinic takes patient care to the next level!

After the patients’ appointment is complete and our doctor has completed the appropriate assessment and issued the required medical document to possess medical marijuana, our trained staff will then meet one-on-one with each patient

This additional client service includes:

  • demonstrations of how to properly use vaporizers
  • suggestions on other methods to safely consume marijuana
  • profiling the patients medical condition with specific marijuana strains
  • educating the patient on the current licensed producers and their product offerings

The Green Clinic ONLY makes recommendations of appropriate strains specific for the patients’ medical condition and educates them to what is available. The choice of licensed producer is solely that of the patient.

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